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Passive House

What's passive house?


The passive house we are referring to also called (quasi) zero-energy building or

ultra-low-energy building.

It is the new trend of future residential building, it come from Germany, is kind of high comfortable,

 lower energy and enomical energy saving architecture technology which is acceptable by global

construction team, the principle is decrease the heat loss of the building as far as could, so that

no need heat supply or cold supply actively and mainly by using energy saving design and perfect

 insulation and air-tight performance, and consider from architecture insight to get natural heat

from sun, light, human body, and electronic parts, to realize and maintain a room temperature

 20~26 degree and keep a high comfortable in-door.


Passive house working principle

passive house2.jpg


High performance phenolic insulation boards used in this system





The specifications that passive house required:




Passive houses are using throught out the world, and the overall measures taken are much the same.

However, the performance of the components may very with different climatic conditions.

Ten-lead zero-energy integration technoligy can be used for new construction, renovation

 of existing homes, container houses, light steel villas etc.

Our company combines hot summer and warm winter climate characteristics of Fujian and

 other southern region and areas over sea which silimar to Fujian, offer the following

zero-energy integration technology.




1. Excellent thermal insulation performance (the heat transfer coefficient of non-transparent

    structure maintenance U≦0.15w/m2.k)

2. The window frames and glass with good insulation performances( heat transfer coefficient

    of the entire window U≦0.85w/m2.k)

3. High-performance phase change energy storage board.

4. No thermal bridge desing and structure.

5. Enclosure structure has good air tightness.

6. High efficient heat revovery or energy recovery fresh air system.

7. Solar energy, wind energy and other new energy power generation devices

8. Solar air-conditioning and other auxiliary energy-saving refrigeration or heating equipment.


Passive housing service


1. We can provide consultanvy ervice s to design institutes, construction unites and owners who

need to build or rebuild passive rooms. In accordance with our experience, we will provide the

optimized parts for each sysem in according to our experience.

2. We can offer comfortable ultra-low energy residential building directly.

3. We can offer passive house comfortable roof

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